Homelessness is a devastating circumstance for any child or youth, but for youth on their own, the stresses of homelessness are multiplied. This brief, developed by National Center for Homeless Education, provides specific information about the rights and supports available to unaccompanied homeless students under the McKinney-Vento Act. It is designed to assist youth advocates, educational systems, and service providers to support homeless and other youth in vulnerable situations to be engaged in pursuing their education. View NCHE’s brief here. To learn more about the NCHE, visit their website.
With increasingly higher representation of young women and girls in juvenile justice systems, efforts to reform these systems must include an intentional focus on redesigning for a more developmental approach that supports the healing and healthy development of girls and young women. This report released by the National Crittenton Foundation found that gender injustice reform efforts routinely fail to tailor initiatives to issues that girls face. Despite research showing that girls often are criminalized for behaviors that result from the abuse, violence, adversity, and deprivation they have experienced, few reform initiatives intervene along those pathways or address the specific ways in which [Read further...]
New research from the Search Institute finds that young people are highly motivated by relationships with parents, teachers, and other adults when five actions occur within the relationship: expressing care, challenging growth, providing support, sharing power, and expanding possibility. These five actions might seem like easy and fairly obvious things to do, but both quantitative and qualitative studies have found that young people believe that adults who do two or more of those things are relatively rare. Read more about it and download the framework – available in both English and Spanish – on the Search Institute website.