July 2016 Nonprofit Funding Opportunities
Here are a few opportunities for July 2016 nonprofit funding related to youth & family services organizations.  Nonprofit Funding Opportunities for July 2016: Lawrence Foundation This new and evolving foundation awards both program and operating support grants with no geographic restrictions to nonprofit organizations. Initially their mission had a broad focus but their giving is becoming more narrowly focused. Grants now tend towards supporting environmental and human services and other causes. Initial grants were generally unsolicited one year program grants but they are moving towards making more multi-year program and operating grants. Read more »   Finish Line Youth Foundation Programmatic Grants [Read further...]
7/22/16: This Week in Nonprofit News
Beyond ‘Bathroom Laws’: A Primer on Transgender School Issues In their latest blog post from the Education Policy Center at AIR, “Beyond ‘Bathroom Laws’: A Primer on Transgender School Issues,” AIR’s Christian Rummell sheds light on the research on transgender students and school culture amid a national policy debate. Read more »   Only Two Weeks Left to Submit Comments on Proposed New ESSA Transportation Mandate The public comment period for proposed regulations to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) closes on August 1, 2016. NAEHCY is particularly concerned about a proposed requirement that State Education Agencies (SEAs) ensure that school districts provide [Read further...]
White Paper: Improving Community Responses Employment & Education for Transition-Aged Youth
There are countless policies, laws, research, training, and white papers that talk about the challenges transition-aged youth are experiencing. Yet even with this focus, direct service providers continue to state that employment and education is top on their list of needs for transition-aged youth. MANY convened providers from 31 states, representing various sectors of the youth services field, to a roundtable discussion. The goal was to highlight what’s working in their programs and to share critical challenges. As part of this discussion, providers identified emerging or persistent needs in their local communities. Multiple themes emerged, but none were more prevalent than the employment and education [Read further...]
7/15/16: This Week in Nonprofit News
New App Helps Pittsburgh’s Homeless Connect to Resources BIGBURGH.COM is a mobile web site that pulls together the services that can help those having a tough time–especially those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless–in the city Pittsburgh. The BIGBURGH.COM includes only those services that are FREE, good & welcoming to those without an address. Read more »   Helping Financial Coaches Reach Those Struggling the Most In 2013, Bank of America partnered with the Khan Academy to launch Better Money Habits®, an online tool that takes an innovative approach to helping people understand complex financial topics. Read more »   Themes [Read further...]
An Exercise To Help You & Your Team In Re-framing Failure
Former NBA great Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” But what does that have to do with you? In every field, whether it be on the court or in the office, people experience failure every day. Failure is tricky, because if we allow it, failure can be paralyzing and can prevent us from reaching our true potential. The conundrum is that to be truly great at what you do, it is inevitable that you will fail. How you react to that failure will shape who and what you become. [Read further...]