Prepare for the Federal Grant Writing Season Before It Begins
Two things about this year’s funding: We anticipate the funding announcements may be released earlier than they have been in the past (potentially late winter). We anticipate the competition to be extremely tight. In 2017, 27% of Basic Center Program (BCP) grantees lost funding.  Even more striking, 81% of Street Outreach Program (SOP) grantees lost funding. The Transitional Living Program (TLP) situation isn’t much easier. Just over 100 TLP grantees are expiring in 2018, while FYSB expects to make only 75 awards. With the competition so high, writing a perfect grant is more important than ever. To be successful, it is [Read further...]
Breaking: Results from Unprecedented National Survey on Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness
Led by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, Voices of Youth Count is an initiative to understand, address and prevent youth homelessness. Chapin Hall, using its substantial research and policy assets, has conducted the most comprehensive research to date on youth homelessness, incorporating youth voices to develop achievable solutions. This research creates a foundation on which we can build solutions – effective policies and practices – to end homelessness for young people.  Today, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago released results from an unprecedented national survey on unaccompanied youth homelessness in the United States. The study, Missed Opportunities: [Read further...]
#OneOfMANY: Thoughts on Youth Services from Wilkes-Barre, PA
MANY is traveling all across the country, meeting with member organizations, talking about their programs, and identifying trends and issues that are happening in the youth services field across the U.S. We had the privilege of sitting down with Amanda Sivco and Tanya Olaviany – who work at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bridge (a program of member organization Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Scranton) – about what drives them to continue their commitment to the work and to the community. This is what they had to say: “We, as a staff, feel that we are chipper and [Read further...]
Webinar Recording – Wide Open Spaces: Bridging the Resource Gap in Rural Mentoring
Webinar Recording – Wide Open Spaces: Bridging the Resource Gap in Rural Mentoring Implementing a mentoring program comes with many challenges, including recruiting the right volunteers, enlisting youth into the program, and ensuring that matches have the support they need to thrive and endure. In rural communities, some of these challenges are even more difficult as programs deal with small populations from which to recruit, vast service areas with few population centers, transportation issues, and limited community resources. This webinar builds on OJJDP’s  National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) webinar, Mentoring in Rural Communities: Traveling the Distance to Facilitate Your Program training by the [Read further...]
Mi Hermana’s Keeper Toolkit – Outcomes Of The Family Keys Program
Developed by MANY member agency Southwest Key Programs, the recently released Mi Hermana’s Keeper Toolkit is a promising practice guide that was developed based on a qualitative research study of the outcomes of the Family Keys Program, an OJJDP Best Practice Model created by Southwest to keep Latina youth from becoming formally involved with the juvenile justice system. The Mi Hermana’s Keeper Toolkit is for service providers, program administrators, researchers, policy analysts, and key stakeholders who are supporting Latina youth in prevention programs that aim to decrease the number of youth being referred to or placed in the juvenile justice [Read further...]
Non-Profit Funding, Events, & Job Postings for November 2017
Non-Profit Funding, Events, & Job Postings for November 2017 Katie’s Krops Accepting Applications for Youth Garden Grants Katie’s Krops is accepting applications from youth between the ages of 9 and 16 for grants to start a Katie’s Krops vegetable garden in their community with the purpose of donating the whole harvest to people in need. Selected applicants will be awarded a gift card to a garden center in their area (up to $500), support from Katie’s Krops, and a digital camera to document the garden and the harvest. Deadline: December 31, 2017 Read more »   Events RHY Grantee Conference [Read further...]
ICYMI: Announcing The Connection 2017 Catalysts
Links: Tickets | Connection 2017 Home Page Launched in 2014, Connection is more than an event; it’s an experience that convenes our community’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that make a difference in the lives of the communities that we serve. To curate these thought leaders, we rely on a brain trust of Catalysts who have their fingers on the pulse of the field. With Connection 2017 just a few short months away, we are excited to announce the addition of Catalysts to the Connection 2017 experience! Catalysts support the Connection 2017 experience by sharing academic or practice-based innovations, identifying & crafting experiential content, cultivating critical voices, [Read further...]
American Bar Association launches National Homeless Youth Legal Network
Homeless youth in the United States remain a largely invisible segment of the homeless population, though researchers estimate that nearly eight percent of youths experience living on the streets. The importance of legal assistance for youth experiencing homelessness is paramount, and commendably, the American Bar Association (ABA) is working to fill the gap. The ABA is recognized as a leader in addressing the legal needs of vulnerable populations, including homeless youth. Lawyers play a critical role in improving outcomes for homeless youth by enforcing existing laws as well as advancing new policy and removing legal barriers to benefits, education, employment, [Read further...]
In Celebration of National LGBT Pride Month
In Celebration of National LGBT Pride Month June marks National LGBT Pride Month, which is celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City. In June of 1969, patrons and supporters of the Stonewall Inn staged an uprising to resist the police harassment and persecution to which LGBT Americans were commonly subjected. This uprising marked the beginning of a movement to outlaw discriminatory laws and practices against LGBT Americans. Today, LGBT Pride Month celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposia and concerts, and these events attract millions of participants around the world. Despite [Read further...]
2017 Street Outreach Program Funding Now Available
2017 Street Outreach Program Funding Now Available As part of our mission to strengthen and coordinate resources for youth and families in high-risk situations, MANY keeps you informed about federal funding announcements in the youth and family services field. During the federal funding season, MANY highlights new funding streams as they are posted. Below is the most recent funding opportunity announcement: Street Outreach Program Grant-Specific Federal Funding Webinars MANY will offer webinars to walk you through the very specific request for proposals as they are released and help you prepare for writing your response(s). Below you can find our upcoming [Read further...]