Board Development

Strong CEOs attract strong board members and encourage strong governance. With weak CEOs, the board weakens over time and governance challenges grow from there, says Neil Nicoll, the outgoing president and CEO of YMCA of the USA (Y-USA), the national resource office for 2,700 YMCAs across the country. “We know from research that there is a clear, direct correlation between the skills of CEOs and the success of local YMCAs,” says Nicoll. And as a national network that replaces 100 to 110 of its 900 CEOs each year due mainly to retirement, capitalizing on this correlation is essential to the [Read further...]
Overall Benefit of an Advisory Board Driving forces such as increased global telecommunications, public consciousness and diverse values are causing rapid change among organizations like never before. Consequently, the overall role of Board governance becomes very critical in guiding these organizations during rapid change. An Advisory Board can be a tremendous complement to the effectiveness of the governing Board of Directors as it works to carry out a specific, complex, major role (for example, financial analysis) or initiative (for example, construct a building). Advisory Boards are sometimes referred to as Advisory Councils or Advisory Committees. What is an Advisory Board? [Read further...]
Introduction Crisis nursery and respite care programs will rely on the advice and support of numerous people during the many phases of their existence. Two important administrative bodies which may provide direction and support to crisis nursery and respite care programs are the advisory board and the board of directors. The structure of the program or parent organization will determine whether the program receives advice from one or both entities. The following information provides an overview of both types of boards. Advisory Boards Effective advisory boards are critical to the success of crisis nursery and respite care programs. Having an independent [Read further...]
[Written by Carter McNamara – for the complete text and more information on boards and board functions, see http://www.mapnp.org/library/boards] The following guidelines should be modified as necessary to conform to the particular culture and purpose of the organization. It’s very important to keep the perspective that your board deserves highly skilled and participative board members. Don’t erode your goals and believe that you are lucky to get anyone at all. When you set out to recruit new members, the most important consideration is know what kind of skills are currently needed by the board. Consider the nature of issues and [Read further...]