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#ConnectionPGH Talk: “How To Apply Big Data To Your Work (Cheaply)” by Alison Alvarez
 About The Speaker Alison Alvarez is the CEO and co-founder of BlastPoint.  She spent years building big data tools for large companies and noticed that there was nothing comparable for smaller organizations without data professionals. She built BlastPoint to address those needs by making data affordable and accessible through the magic of maps. About Connection 2017 The Connection 2017 experience took place in Pittsburgh, PA. To learn more about the event, visit http://connection17.manynet.org today. About The Talk More and more, the term “big data” is thrown around in every industry imaginable, but what does it mean for youth-serving organizations? In this [Read further...]
#ConnectionPGH Talk: “Live Your Truth: How Your Passion + Purpose Will Change Your Life” by Jasiri X
 About The Speaker Jasiri X is the first independent hip-hop artist to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate, which he received from Chicago Theological Seminary in 2016. This recognition grew out of the spiritual/political urgency and artistic vision he shared on songs like “Justice For Trayvon” and “Strange Fruit (Class of 2013),” which documented the unjust police killings of young Blacks in the Millennial Generation. Likewise, he has been deeply involved with the national Movement for Black Lives, working with organizations like The Gathering for Justice, Blackout for Human Rights, Justice or Else, BYP100 and Sankofa. Still, he remains rooted in [Read further...]
#ConnectionPGH Talk: “What I Learned From My Millennial Interns” by Grace Franklin-Gross
 About The Speaker A young New Orleans native, Grace Franklin-Gross currently serves as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, New Orleans’ juvenile public defender. As an adopted only child of a state social worker and single mother, she grew up exposed to the harsh realities many youth face. Her personal journey of being disconnected from school and work and her deep empathy ignite her passion to bridge the communication gaps between young people and those who serve them. She has helped lead many important conversations about youth empowerment and engagement at a local and [Read further...]
#ConnectionPGH Talk: “Deconstructing Failure: Why It’s Crucial To Your Success” by Vikki Lassiter, MS
 About The Speaker Vikki Lassiter, Partnerships Specialist, provides strategic direction for stakeholder outreach and expanding Measure of America’s collaborative advantage to support research, advocacy, and bottom-up innovation. Previously, Vikki was the senior advisor and executive director for the African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network based at Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health. Vikki’s prior work has focused on a number of issues related to change management, health equity, and community-partnered research. Vikki earned an MS in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. About Connection 2017 The Connection [Read further...]
#ConnectionPGH Talk: “Pursuing Your Firm Persuasion: Combating Human Trafficking and The Criminalization of Kids in ‘Care'”
About The Speaker Dr. Karen Countryman-Roswurm serves as the Founder and Executive Director to the Wichita State University, Center for Combating Human Trafficking (CCHT). With a passion to better serve high-risk marginalized populations, Karen works to bridge the gap between direct practice, academia, research, and policy. Karen has been nationally and internationally recognized, receiving many honors and awards, for doing just that — particularly for her specialization in working with homeless, runaway, and throwaway youth (HRTY) and young people who are at-risk of, or subjugated to, domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) and other forms of exploitation. About Connection 2017 The [Read further...]
Nonprofit Funding, Events, and Jobs – April 2018
Funding Specialized Services and Mentoring for Child and Youth Victims of Sex Trafficking Funding will support mentoring and other needed support services, including the development or enhancement of mentoring service models and mentor training based on best practices, to focus on the needs of youth who are at risk for or are victims of commercial sexual exploitation/ domestic sex trafficking. OJJDP expects to make up to three awards of up to $450,000 each. The deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. ET on May 15, 2018. Read more »   Events Street Outreach: Developing a Competitive Application (Date Subject to Change) [Read further...]
#ConnectionPGH Talk: “The Loophole: The Key To Doing Your Best Work As A Team” by Nadim Matta
 About The Speaker: Nadim is President and founding Board member of the Rapid Results Institute (RRI). He has led teams that introduced RRI’s 100-Day Challenges in Nicaragua, Eritrea, Kenya, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Sudan, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. More recently, Nadim’s work focused on veteran, chronic and youth homelessness in the US, and on the integration of social and health care in the UK. The work involved using 100-Day Challenges to nudge community stakeholders towards much higher levels of collaboration, innovation, and execution. Most recently, he helped introduce RRI’s 100-Day Challenges in the UAE, as part of a Government Accelerator [Read further...]
#ConnectionPGH Talk: “The Power of Rest + Renewal: How To Add Energy To Your Work Day” by Katherine Bailey
About The Speaker: Katherine Bailey is a Managing Director, Organizational Transformation at The Energy Project. She has facilitated programs with NASA, Fidelity, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cox Enterprises, eBay, Nielsen, Pfizer, MetLife, Bayer, and Comcast. Additionally, she has delivered keynotes to audiences at a range of organizations including University of Michigan, Fidelity Charitable, and the Society of Gynecologic Oncology. With over 20 years of experience, Katherine’s expertise includes leadership development, organizational culture change, and assessment. She helps organizations to perform at the highest level, even in the face of chronic stress, adversity, and trauma. About Connection 2017: The Connection 2017 experience took place [Read further...]
#ConnectionPGH Talk: “Canaries, Coal, + Capital: The Science of Why We Need Others” by David Wertheimer
 About The Speaker: David has worked in in the non-profit, government, educational and philanthropic sectors. He has worked at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation since 2006, and currently serves as the foundation’s Director of Community and Civic Engagement. David is the President of the Haverford College Alumni Association, on the Board of Advisors of Partners for Our Children and the Washington State Health Innovation Leadership Network (HILN).  He is the immediate past Board Chair of Funders Together to End Homelessness and served as co-Chair of the Seattle Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda Task Force. A New York City [Read further...]
#OneOfMANY: Thoughts On Youth Services from Tucson, AZ
#OneOfMANY: Thoughts On Youth Services from Tucson, AZ MANY is traveling all across the country, meeting with member organizations, talking about their programs, and identifying trends and issues that are happening in the youth services field across the U.S. We had the privilege of sitting down with Program Director David Simpson – who works at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson in Arizona – about what drives them to continue their commitment to the work and to the community. This is what they had to say: Q: What would the youth in your program say is the biggest strength they have? The [Read further...]