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April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month
April marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month, which aims to raise public awareness of child abuse and neglect, recommit efforts and resources aimed at protecting children and strengthening families, and promote community involvement through activities that support the cause. The theme of this year’s Child Abuse Prevention Month initiative continues to mirror the theme of the 20th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, “Building Community, Building Hope.” By ensuring that parents, caregivers, and other supportive adults have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to care for children, we can help prevent child abuse and neglect by making meaningful [Read further...]
What’s Next? The Federal Landscape and Beyond: 7 Emerging and Persistent Trends Impacting Youth Across the Country
What’s Next? The Federal Landscape and Beyond: 7 Emerging and Persistent Trends Impacting Youth Across the Country In September 2016, 54 youth service organizations from 24 states took the time to collaboratively identify current environmental trends, implications for youth and providers, and practical actions we can take in response to – or better yet in anticipation of – these trends. As a part of this discussion, we invited a few guests with expertise in some of the recurring trend areas to share with us their “deep dive” knowledge.  These included a federal landscape briefing, exploring the intersection of juvenile justice [Read further...]
Coordinated Entry and Assessment: Key Components in Creating Coordinated Community Responses to Ending Youth Homelessness
Communities across the country are taking a collective impact approach to youth homelessness by designing and piloting coordinated responses to ending youth homelessness. This includes early intervention, assessment, service provision and the cultivation of strong bases of evidence that can be used to refine and improve these efforts.  In June 2015 and again in September 2015 we gathered with youth providers (from 22 and 31 states respectively) to understand the current landscape, identify existing evidence, and begin to unearth promising innovations.  Two key takeaways from these gatherings emerged: Deeply coordinated community responses – integrated identification, assessment, service provision, and data [Read further...]
How Youth Service Programs Stay Relevant & Sustainable
How Youth Service Programs Stay Relevant & Sustainable Kristen Truffa, Associate Director at MANY Network – www.manynet.org Services for youth are an integral component of any community. Schools are a prime example – a required service geared to support the positive development of youth. Some communities have much more to offer, such as community sports, after school programs, or a community center. What becomes challenging is when these resources are limited, not geared to support youth with risk factors, and when youth are not accessing these supports. This is when the faith and community-based agencies, many times in partnership with [Read further...]
Interactive Infographic on Youth Unemployment & Education
Interactive Infographic on Youth Unemployment and Education Issues There are countless policies, laws, research, training, and white papers that talk about the challenges transition-aged youth are experiencing. Yet even with this focus, direct service providers continue to state that employment and education is top on their list of needs for transition-aged youth. This interactive infographic on youth unemployment and education issues highlights some of the findings from our white paper, “Improving Community Responses: Employment & Education for Transition-Aged Youth.”   Background Information on Our White Paper, “Improving Community Responses: Employment & Education for Transition-Aged Youth.” MANY convened providers from 31 states, representing [Read further...]
Coordinated Community Responses to Ending Youth Homelessness  (Convening 3)
Coordinated Community Responses to Ending Youth Homelessness  (Convening 3) This is the March 2016 summary of MANY’s convening on Coordinated Community Responses to End Youth Homelessness. You can read prior convening summaries here: Convening 1 and Convening 2   March 2016 Convening Summary: Below is a summary of the focused discussion question and answers.  This portion of the agenda is an opportunity for members to pull information from their peers on past, current and future practices that could be helpful in addressing local challenges or pressure points.   Q: How are communities ensuring housing that is accessed by youth is developmentally [Read further...]
5 Resources to Drive Effective Youth Development Practices
As a youth development practitioner, we often feel overwhelmed with tasks on our to-do list and the fires that we are trying to put out each day. Rarely do we find the time to invest in ourselves as professionals – to learn about the new releases in activity resources, review the latest research, or collaborate with others in the field outside of our program or organization. To support youth practitioners in their professional development and quest to continually drive impact with youth, here are some of the latest activities, books, and research resources that I would recommend:   5. Brain [Read further...]
15 Talks on Youth and Family Services That Will Pique Your Curiosity
Here are 15 talks on youth and family services that will pique your curiosity, teach you something new, and give you a new perspective on your organization and the population that it serves. These video/audio talks are organized as follows (click on the category to jump to that section): Section Categories (Click To Jump To Section): Talks On How To Use Technology In Innovative Ways In Social Services Talks On How To Tell People The Story of Your Organization Talks On Policies Important To Youth Services Talks On How To Strengthen Your Organization Talks That Will Inspire You Enjoy the talks and be [Read further...]
Recap: MANY Goes To Washington & A Way Home America Announcement
The White House Policy Briefing on Ending Youth Homelessness MANY was proud to join leaders from across the country at the White House last Friday, June 3rd, to strategize solutions to prevent and end youth homelessness at The White House Policy Briefing on Ending Youth Homelessness. Here are a few of our member organizations that attended the briefing with us last Friday: Los Angeles LGBT Center – Los Angeles, CA One-N-Ten – Phoenix, AZ YouthCare – Seattle, WA The Night Ministry – Chicago, IL The Bridge for Youth – Minneapolis, MN Lighthouse Youth Services – Cincinnati, OH Covenant House International* [Read further...]
This Youth Brief from Youth.Gov examines the realities facing youth that have been involved in the foster care systems as they transition to adulthood. It provides a detailed overview of the challenges that impede a successful transition and shares information on key legislation developed to support youth in foster care. Read more: http://youth.gov/youth-briefs/foster-care-youth-brief