Government Relations

Together, We Influence the Federal Agenda by Demonstrating Our Impact, One Community at A Time.

MANY advocates with and on behalf of organizations working to improve the lives of young people. With the assistance of our local members, MANY influences conversations and educates decision makers at the federal level to advance national policy – addressing challenges through improved policies and financial support for youth-serving programs.  

MANY focuses on the priorities that are identified by our member organizations as critical issues. In 2018, MANY’s focused on:

  •     Coordinated community responses to youth and young adult homelessness;
  •     Enhancing mentoring models for youth at highest risk for juvenile justice involvement; and,
  •     Preventing and addressing relationship violence, sexual exploitation, and trafficking of youth.

MANY is a conduit between the field experts and implementers, and federal level decision-makers.

Each year, Congress must decide how it will allocate money for discretionary programs, including determining funding levels for programs and services that support the youth we serve. Given the growing number of demands for scarce public dollars, it is essential that Congress hear from the experts and organizations that are working on the streets and in our local communities.


Amplify Your Impact

MANY’s Enhanced Membership Initiative is a joint effort to build a strong collective of key allies who are well-positioned to protect critical funding sources.  We see big results from these relationships, and they provide a platform for MANY members to offer thoughtful and credible insights on the hill. Congress must continue to decide if it will prioritize funding for youth programs amongst the many other competing demands for limited public resources. Proactively building upon the relationship strength of our members, together we educate national policymakers on the needs and challenges in local communities by:
  • Providing focused messaging on national trends and current events - translating local developments into national policy and vice versa;
  • Coordinating face-to-face meetings with key Members of Congress and their staff; and
  • Building strategic relationships with decision-makers at all levels, leveraging the collective strength and knowledge of our membership to improve federal policy.
We also support the field in becoming every day advocates – providing access to experts and colleagues that can help organizations tell their story and move the conversation forward. Check out our Government Relations Blog Series: